Tasty Testimonials

Wanda Webb
International Marketing Director of World Ventures, Full- time mom

“These deserts are an answered prayer to anyone whose committed to making healthy lifestyle choices…but totally misses the joy of REAL sweets ! The best part is I never feel like I’m compromising taste…they are that good! This is my guilty pleasure…minus the guilt!”

Dr. Amy R. Lewis
D.C. / Legacy Chiropractic and Sports Medicine

“Working in a busy sports medicine clinic, I stay on the move all day. With little down time to fit in an actual meal Protein Stud Muffins makes it super easy for me to actually fit in time to eat! Packed with protein they help to keep me full and ready for whatever the next hurdle of the day maybe!”

Rebekah Husack
Fashion & Beauty Expert

“Love having this yummy go-to snack when I want to eat something healthy and satisfy my sweet tooth at the same time! Also love that I don’t have to comprise on my goals (while I’m eating cheesecake, are you serious?!). These things are a LIFE SAVER. They’re SO  good!”

Lola O
M.S. / Lifestyle & Travel Blogger

“The Cookies and Cream cheesecake was filling without being too heavy. I also liked that it was exactly 1 serving size and portable which is perfect when you’re on the go.”

Cisco Duran

“As a comedian (on tour), I’m always on the road and airport food is very expensive and not that great. Always good to have a cheesecake in my bag and ready to go when I’m in between radio interviews and performances.”

Shelsea Sanchez
Owner of Peachy Keen Studio, Dallas Blogger, Bodybuilding.com Athlete, and Former IFBB Pro

““I had my birthday cheesecake made from Protein Stud Muffins last year and it exceeded my expectations of how amazing it would taste. What I love so much is that I can have treats that ACTUALLY taste amazing without the guilt!””

Mike Rashid
Owner Iron Addicts Gym Miami, CEO/ Founder of IMSOALPHA iX3 Supplements, CEO/ Founder of Alpha Academy Apparel

“As a business owner I only promote things I believe in personally. If I don’t use it I don’t talk about it. When it comes to Stud Muffins it’s one of those things I need when I’m in Dallas. I don’t usually do sweets but I’m known to throw down a whole Stud Muffins cheesecake in one sitting. It’s just that good.”

Dianne Kessler

“I first saw Protein Stud Muffins on Facebook through another fellow competitor post and begged them to ship! Since that wasn’t to be (yet) I made a special trip from Oklahoma to Texas and purchased every kind! Simply the best protein treat out there! Hard to stop at one and you really don’t have to! Eat up!”

Jonathan Irizarry
Bodybuilder, Owner JI-FITNESS LLC, Online Coach, Co-Founder Protein Stud Muffins

“It feels good to able to satisfy your sweet tooth without any guilt. I incorporate flexible dieting into my lifestyle which allows me to enjoy Stud Muffins even while I’m prepping. It’s pretty awesome to be 2 weeks out from a show and be able to eat a slice of cheesecake. As a coach I recommend this to all of my clients.”